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Testimonies from Clients of The Dating Breeze

Please hear what some of our clients have to say.


“I’ve actually registered with many dating agencies in the past, but none of them really helped me find anyone suitable. Things changed when I joined The Dating Breeze. Within just two weeks, one of their consultants arranged for me to go on a date with this amazing guy. Best part is, we became really great friends and we’re still contacting each other till today.”


– Jessica, 27, Marketing Executive


“I have met many women and gone on countless dates in the past. Unfortunately, none of them worked out and I never found any of them really suitable for me. Almost at a state of hopelessness, I joined The Dating Breeze to help me find someone that shared the same interests as me. Wow! I didn’t expect that they would manage to find someone so perfect for me. The Dating Breeze is definitely great for those who have given up on searching.”


– Daryl, 38, Human Resource Executive 


“I joined The Dating Breeze after a friend convinced me to join a dating agency. I wasn’t quite keen on the idea at first, but she managed to persuade me in the end. I was initially very shy, and perhaps a little embarrassed, but Raymond was so friendly and hospitable that he made me feel very welcomed. He eased my worries and thankfully, all my dates went very smoothly and I started feeling more and more confident in the process.”


– Sheila, 35, Brand Manager


“It is my pleasure to be writing this testimonial. I can’t thank The Dating Breeze enough for finding such an attractive and amazing lady for me. We share so much in common and have in fact gone on several dates already. Truth be told, I do see us being together and who knows, maybe even getting married. I get really excited just thinking about how far our relationship will go.”


– Aaron, 33, Corporate Banking Relationship Manager


“You guys are good at what you do. Not only did I meet a beautiful and very bubby young lady, Erica, but I also enjoyed the very warm and friendly service I received from the dating consultants. Keep up the great work!”


– Steven, 32, Senior Accountant


“The Dating Breeze is so different from the other dating agencies I registered with in the past. The people here treat you with so much care and concern and even as a client, I can see that they really want the best for me.”


– Lydia, 30, Regional Sales Assistant Manager


“Leonard is by far the sweetest, most romantic guy I have ever met. He has a great sense of humor; he is intelligent, sensitive, outgoing and ambitious. To put it in simple words, he is just the guy I have been looking for. Thank you Dating Breeze!”


– Lynette, 35, Brand Management Executive


“When I first joined The Dating Breeze, I was still burdened by the hurt from my past relationships. I wasn’t able to get over the pain and distress many of them caused me. I began to pick myself up when Raymond took the time to sit down with me one day and patiently encouraged me to put the past behind and move forward. After much consoling, I went on a few dates and today, I am attached to this wonderful guy who loves me a lot and takes great care of me.”


– Vera, 27, Sales Executive


“To be honest, I had reservations right before signing up as a member with The Dating Breeze. I wasn’t too sure if a dating agency could actually help me find my Ms. Perfect within such a short period of time. Well, to my surprise, they did! I am a fussy guy, so this was somewhat a miracle to me. I can’t be any more thankful than I already am. Shirley is very attractive and extremely intelligent. We’re so similar in so many ways.”


– Daniel, 36, Advertising & Promotions Manager


“I am so pleased to have found my lovely girlfriend, Carol. We met through one of the dates arranged by The Dating Breeze. We were both quite shy during our first date together, but as we got to know each other better, the chemistry between us grew and we started to meet up more frequently. I applaud Raymond and his dating consultants for their efficiency and professionalism. Great job guys!”


– Gary, 37, Head Brand Consultant


“Ronald is such a wonderful guy; handsome, educated and established in his career. I could never believe that I would meet someone like him through a dating agency. A few weeks after meeting him, we had our first overseas trip in Bintan. Thanks to The Dating Breeze for making such things possible!”


– Evangeline, 25, Customer Service Executive


“I used to hear a lot of bad reports about dating agencies and never trusted them. In fact, I had quite a bad experience with a matchmaker a few moths ago and was determined never to engage the services of a dating agency again. When I came to know that Raymond had started one, I was really skeptical initially. However, through his sincerity and persuasion, Raymond managed to convince me to go on a few dates. I am thankful for his persistence. Otherwise, I would not have met Angeline. My family members like and accept her as well.


– Charles, 36, IT Programmer


“Norman is a very witty, interesting and communicative person. I did not find myself feeling bored during the date. He not only talks at appropriate times, he also made an effort to listen to what I had to say. We went for a movie after the dinner. It was a sweet experience overall.”


– Yu Xiang, 26, Human Resource Manager


“The management and consultants of the company are very responsive. I am particularly impressed with the fact that all clients of the company have direct access to the Founder of the organization. Raymond is always responsive, caring and ready to help resolve any problem. All dates arranged so far were quite up to my personal standard.”


– Leon Ho, 37, Stockbroker


“I must admit that having been through a divorce, I was really apprehensive about meeting someone new. The company arranged a date for me. I was fearful and wanted to back out. I wrote an email to Raymond and his response made me feel very comfortable. I can certainly trust his words, for what he said about the date was so accurate. The gentleman really turned out to be such an understanding, respectful and easygoing person. I am truly happy to meet a new friend.”


– Eva, 35, Administrative Manager


“The consultant has been very appreciative and sympathetic all along. I do not feel judged. In fact, I feel cared for and respected as I poured out my feelings and past hurts to Stephanie. She was not only a good listener and comforter, I could also tell that she really cares from her heart.”


– Felicia Wong, 28, Strategic Planning Analyst


“Josephine is indeed the type of woman that I have been searching for. Thanks Dating Breeze!”


– Gerald, 36, Lawyer


“I used to think that I would never fall for a Singaporean woman as I have always preferred foreigners. This was until my friend recommended me to try out the services at The Dating Breeze. I was touched by the warmth, friendliness and sincerity shown by the consultants. I decided to give it a try. I could see that they are trying to help me. Two weeks later, I went for my first date with an attractive Singaporean lady arranged by the company. We met outside City Hall Starbucks. Never did I expect it turning out to be the most special moment of my life. She is different from the women that I know and we have so much in common. We are planning to get engaged in three months’ time.”


– Mark, 40, Civil Servant


“Raymond, I must comment you and your company for arranging dates on such a regular and consistent basis for me. I am definitely more than happy to write a testimony for you as per request. I am impressed with the promptness, professionalism and responsiveness of your services.”


– Belle, 33, Purchasing Manager


“Having fun at pubs, drinking and socializing with friends are things I have always enjoyed doing. I’ve had a few relationships in the past but things did not work out. I never imagined myself signing up for a dating agency. Nevertheless, I must give credit to Raymond and his company for managing to headhunt someone who meets my expectations. Caroline is really and amazing lady!”


– Danny, 36, Banker

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