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The Dating Breeze™, a bona fide dating agency, was established by its founder, Mr. Raymond Giam, who is a former Senior Officer from the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports/Social Development Unit (MCYS/SDU) with the aim of providing more interaction opportunities for highly eligible singles in Singapore.


The Dating Breeze™ seeks to create a dating environment that is relaxing, informal, and friendly for all its clients.


Since establishment, The Dating Breeze™, through its provision of highly personalized and professional dating services, has received strong support and recognition as a trusted brand within the Singapore community.


Apart from offering highly personalized and professional dating services to help clients find their compatible partners, The Dating Breeze™ also organizes interesting and meaningful events for the singles community from time to time. As the powerful driving force in the dating industry, The Dating Breeze™ has been instrumental in matching several eligible singles with each other and has reported a significant number of success stories.


The management of The Dating Breeze™ possesses vast experience and necessary expertise in helping the singles community to achieve their personal objectives of creating a fulfilling love life. The operating philosophy of The Dating Breeze ™ is to treat every client as a friend, take pride in providing excellent services to them and to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.


In short, The Dating Breeze™ is all about you and how we can best serve your needs and requirements.

The Dating Breeze™ believes that the growth and development of the dating industry in Singapore is beneficial or the singles community. As a bona fide dating company, The Dating Breeze™ strives to constantly provide quality dates and excellent services to all its clients at reasonable prices. The strategic focus of The Dating Breeze™, since its establishment, has been to create more success stories among its clients.


At The Dating Breeze™, every client counts! Their concerns and feedback about our services are taken very seriously. We pride ourselves as a progressive and forward looking agency that is sensitive to our clients’ needs, expectations and preferences in order to meet and even exceed their requirements.


The Dating Breeze™ constantly strives to provide the best customer service to all our clients at all times. Every level of The Dating Breeze™ is certainly committed to upholding and practicing the Code of Professional Conduct. For instance, all clients will have an opportunity to be informally interviewed by our Founder, Mr. Raymond Giam, as part of ensuring the company continues to deliver high service standards and quality results.


The Dating Breeze™ also engages a team of highly independent, self-motivated and professional dating consultants to serve our clients. These friendly and versatile consultants are also constantly looking out and searching for suitable candidates through various avenues for all our clients in order to fulfill their dating criteria.


Under the company’s philosophy, we expect our consultants to be warm, understanding and respectful to all our clients by treating them as a friend. In doing so, the company is able to maintain a healthy men-to-women gender ratio in our dynamic cliental base. Our group of dating consultants are personally handpicked and trained by the management team to deliver high standard of services.


The Dating Breeze™ also offers a wide range of membership packages for clients to choose from in order to serve their specific needs and purposes.

The Dating Breeze™ offers the following quality services:

–          One to one dating services / friendship opportunities

–          Group dating services

–          Social / networking events and activities

–          Seminars / Workshops / Conferences

–          Premier Headhunting services

We believe that the provision of effective dating services should be a highly personalized and professional one as we are dealing with unique individuals with diverse profiles and expectations. The Dating Breeze™ is also prepared to customize our membership packages to suit the specific needs of our clients, if the need arises.


Any eligible single who is interested in our services can fill up our online application form by clicking on the “Sign Up” button at www.thedatingdreeze.com. The personal data of the prospective clients will be safely transferred to our management system. After reviewing the profile of the prospective clients, and based on the company existing database, our office will then contact the prospective clients through email, as well as friendly phone call to arrange for a non-obligatory one-to-one chit-chat session.


At the interview, The Dating Breeze™ consultants will also go through a profiling exercise with its prospective clients to further understand their needs temperaments and unique dating requirements. The clients can be fully assured that all information given will be kept with the strictest confidentiality.


Based on the profile of the clients captured by our dating consultants during interview, as well as the desired characteristics of the potential partner the client is looking for, The Dating Breeze™ office will comb our entire database to identify and recommend suitable dates for the clients.


By and large, the search criteria are based on what our clients deem important. Once a suitable candidate is found, we will inform our clients. The clients can expect to go on a date within two to four weeks upon signing up as our member. The client can choose to proceed or not to proceed with the proposed date. The date between two clients is usually held at public places such as coffee clubs and restaurants.

The Dating Breeze™ is extremely particular in the area of quality control as far as its membership is concerned.


The Dating Breeze™ has put in place several safeguard measures to ensure that only clients who fit into the overall profile of our cliental base are recruited. The Dating Breeze™ only accepts clients who have met and passed the “screening” interview conducted by the highly experienced dating consultants.


The Dating Breeze™ consultants also carry out verification of information given by prospective clients by requesting for primary documents such as NRIC and business name cards. Any eligible single who is interested to join The Dating Breeze™ as a member is also expected to sign and abide by the clauses stipulated in its terms and service agreement form.


The Dating Breeze™ will also not hesitate to carry out reference checks to further verify the data provided by a client if doubtful situation arises.

We serve both local and foreign professionals, managers, executives and business owners (PMEBs) who are residing in Singapore.


Our cliental base is made up of highly eligible singles that come from diverse backgrounds and professions such as lawyers, accountants, lecturers, entrepreneurs, teachers, bankers, architects, dentists, engineers, commercial models and air stewardess.


Though most of our clients are very busy working professionals and executives, they are opened to the concept of joining The Dating Breeze™ as it allows our dating professionals to handle the sacred task of finding the most suitable matches for them.


As our company believes that every single individual is uniquely attractive, we will also try to provide a service to those who seek professional assistance as well though they may not fall under the PMEBs category.


The Dating Breeze™ treats it as a mandate for us to facilitate successful matches for eligible singles in Singapore as much as we can.

It’s simple – click on the ‘Sign Up’ button on our website and fill up your online application, or call us directly at 6622 5559.


Our reliable and experienced dating consultants will contact you at a time convenient for you to schedule a face-to-face meet-up in order to understand your dating expectations and preferences.


Your dating consultant will then be able to assist you in fulfilling your expectations. You are also likely to receive a call from the Founder, Mr. Raymond Giam, who enjoys interacting with all his clients.

We offer a wide variety of membership packages under highly competitive and standardized prices, which are catered specially to suit our clients’ specific needs and preferences. Our membership packages range from $180 – $500. Please contact us to find out more about the various standard packages available.

You have to be at least 21 years old and above in order to sign up.

There is no charge for this meet-up with your dating consultant. This meet-up is an imperative service on our part as we seek to fully understand your dating preferences and expectations.

Upon being proposed a suitable candidate by our dating consultant, you may choose whether to accept or reject the date. If you decide against the proposed date, our dating consultant will then review with you your preferences and take into consideration your feedback before finding another suitable candidate for you.


In a situation whereby you have already gone on the scheduled date with the proposed candidate and you decide that he/she is not ideal for you, simply let our dating consultants know and similarly, we’ll review with you your personal preferences and search criteria before proceeding to find another suitable candidate for you.


As mentioned, dates are always proposed to clients based on their profile and preferences. Oftentimes, if a client claims that a date is not suitable, it is usually due to poor chemistry rather than incompatibility.


However, this is unlikely the case as our track records over the years have shown great satisfaction among our clients and countless success stories yet to be told.

At The Dating Breeze™, it is of utmost importance that the identities and personal data of our clients are kept strictly confidential. As such, we will not be able to disclose our list of clients for you to choose from.


With the list of preferences and requirements you have provided us, you can be assured that our well-trained dating consultants will sift out only the best and most compatible match for you.

We guarantee that the confidentiality of every single one of our clients is always strictly adhered to. We will not compromise on the security of information provided by our clients at any point in time.


It is our promise to you that your identity and personal data are kept safely within our database and will not be shared with any external parties for whatsoever reason.

Why, of course! Some may have seen our print media advertisements on various news and entertainment sources such as the TODAY Newspaper, I-S Magazine and Singapore Business Review.


We have also been featured in Singapore’s daily local Chinese newspaper, Lian He Wan Bao, Singapore’s daily local English newspaper, The Straits Times, and in an interview conducted by The Straits Times Razor TV.

At The Dating Breeze™, we strongly encourage feedback from both our clients as well as our dating consultants. Much of the feedback gathered includes positive experiences with our agency and commendable service received from our consultants.


Here are what some of what our clients have to say about us:


“The management and consultants of the company are very responsive. I am particularly impressed with the fact that all clients of the company have direct access to the Founder of the organisation. Raymond is always responsive, caring and ready to help resolve any problems. All the dates arranged so far were quite up to my personal standard.”  – Leon Ho, 37, Stockbroker


“The consultant has been very approachable and sympathetic all along. I do not feel judged…” – Felicia Wong, 28, Strategic Planning Analyst


“I used to think that I would never fall for a Singaporean woman as I have always preferred foreigner until my friend recommended me to try out the services at The Dating Breeze™. I was touched by the warmth, friendliness and sincerity shown by the consultants. I decided to give it a try. I could see that they are trying to help me…” – Mark, 40, Civil Servant


“Raymond, I must commend you and your company for arranging dates on such a regular and consistent basis for me. I am definitely more than happy to write a testimony for you as per request. I am impressed with the promptness, professionalism and responsiveness of your services.” – Belle, 33, Purchasing Manager


To find out more about what our clients have to say about The Dating Breeze™, visit our Testimonials page.

The Dating Breeze™ arranges numerous dates for our clients every month, and for the vast majority, we hear of stories of their wonderful lunch or dinner dates spent together.


In terms of long-term success, our track records show that around 35% of our clients end up in serious relationships with each other.

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