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The Dating Breeze™, a bona fide dating agency, was established in 15 May 2009 with the aim of providing more opportunities for highly eligible singles to find their compatible partners. Supporting the company’s expansion strategy in serving more locals and foreigners in Singapore, The Dating Breeze™ was incorporated as part of TDB International Enterprise Private Limited in July 2012.


Apart from offering a diverse range of customised dating services to meet and to exceed the expectations of the busy PMEBs (Professionals, Managers, Executives and Business Owners) across different sectors, one of the key objectives of The Dating Breeze™ is to “reach out, educate and engage eligible singles, be it locals or foreigners, in Singapore who are NEW to the concept of the dating services available to them.”


As our company name suggests, The Dating Breeze™ strives to create a dating environment, which is altogether easy, relax, informal and fun. All clients can be assured that they will be treated as a friend, with warmth, consideration, understanding and respect, and that all personal information provided will be kept with the strictest confidentiality.


Our company also subscribes to the belief that valuable friendships can be forged through the series of meaningful and empowering activities we organise from time to time.


As a leading and trustworthy dating agency in Singapore, The Dating Breeze™ takes pride in providing excellent service and ensuring that each and every single one of our clients leaves completely satisfied. The team behind The Dating Breeze™ possesses extensive experience and expertise in helping the singles in Singapore reach fulfillment in both their personal life and love life.


In short, The Dating Breeze™ is all about you and how we can best serve your needs and exceed your expectations.

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